Growing Beyond the CEO Book & Notebook Bundle

Growing Beyond the CEO Book & Notebook Bundle

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It's time to build, retain and engage a high performing team!

Every CEO comes to a crossroads where they must ask themselves: Will I continue to be the only driving force keeping my business alive? Or, will I build a high-performing team to maximize my company’s ability to reach the next level? 

With no question, to build a successful and sustainable business, you’re going to have to grow beyond yourself, says author Lakeisha Robichaux, an HR industry veteran and the CEO of Chief of Minds LLC. And you’re going to have to grow the right way! Too often, CEOs grow wrong, not focusing on properly building, engaging, and retaining their greatest asset—the team. Taking readers behind her HR lens in Growing Beyond the CEO: How to Build, Engage, and Retain a High-Performing Team, From One to Hundreds of Employees, Lakeisha gets down to specifics and dives into how to best put human capital at the forefront of your business. 

Learn experience-backed advice, proven strategies, and step-by-step guidance needed to create a workplace ecosystem primed for next-level growth. From onboarding and legal paperwork to performance coaching and leadership communication, be equipped with everything needed to strengthen your organization and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Biz Chiefs Notebooks

Are you ready to Grow Like a Biz Chief? From leveling up your business to planning and executing your big idea, it’s time to pull those ideas from your head and put them down on paper. Whether you’re growing your business by adding team members or acquiring new clients or you are goal planning and developing your next marketing campaign, the Biz Chiefs notebooks are the perfect choice to start brainstorming your ideas.